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A Peek Into Last Week :: 10+ inches of snow, an Erin Condren delivery, and a trip to Trader Joe’s!

A Peek Into Last Week :: 10+ inches of snow, an Erin Condren delivery, and a trip to Trader Joe’s!

Remember I was all excited about this new feature of peeking back at the previous week?

Remember that I also mentioned it might not exactly be on Mondays?

So, here we are on Tuesday, and welcome to back to the happenings of our family life.  I am also working on some other posts, and just might get them rolling this week.  We’ll see…

A Peek Into Last Week, March 1 – 7

Last week  turned out to be really productive on the home front.  Most of the time, I functioned with a PLAN.  And ya’ll know how I love a good plan…

Using my errand notebook to organize everything, I worked on a loose dinner menu plan for the entire month of March, which led to a BIG Trader Joe’s run over the weekend.

**I’ll post our Trader Joe’s current favorites later in the week.**

The closest store is at least an hour away, but the price and selection is right…so I make the trip every other month.  Our pantry shelves and freezer are well-stocked (my family is happy).  This week, I’ll have some freezer cooking to do (which makes me happy).

I also deep cleaned our bedroom, as in things like getting the dust off of our cathedral high ceiling fan!

Most of the time, I follow my ‘clean-enough’ method of tidying the house, but our bedroom needed some TLC, and it felt great to catch up.

Housework didn’t consume all of my time — I did finally start one of the books I mentioned last week, Orphans of Race Point.  It’s a bit of a slow start, but I’ll stick with it since the plot seems interesting.

My husband and I enjoyed a Thai food date at one of our favorite restaurants, along with life-giving conversation. Later that day, we settled in to watch a movie with our teen girl.  Good times!

Somehow, I did not get a picture of the biggest storm we’ve had this winter season.  Of course it came just as soon as March did, but hopefully we’re headed towards spring and not more winter.

The best part of the snow storm?  

The FedEx guy showing up at our house with an Erin Condren package.  It’s completely non-important, but it made a difference to my day!  A new carry-all clutch and phone cover, all personalized and pretty, arrived in the snow.

Speaking of planners and Erin Condren, last week I connected with a woman on Facebook (via a planner group we both belong to) and formed a good old-fashioned pen pal relationship!  Seriously.

Jessica is a Christian homeschooling Mama whose husband also serves as a pastor in their church.  A bi-vocational pastor.  The more we talked, the more we realized how much common ground we share.

Once a month, we’ll jot a note to one another, share planner supplies from our stash or ones we’ve purchased for the other, and just enjoy this love of all things planners, organization, and the like.

I am sooo excited!

Fox on Socks silly sock day — March 2 was Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

In homeschooling, the kids are still thriving with daily lists organizing their mornings — which is much more helpful than other methods I have tried.

Keeping on track with schoolwork is priority around here.  We want to be ‘finished’ by mid-May; it is just too nice outside by that time to be indoors much.

Next year’s schooling plans fill my heart and mind space…I find myself praying, thinking, re-thinking, and trying to find the right balance for our homeschooling journey.

Each year the children are older, and their work (and play or ‘extras’) places different demands on the family schedule.  Because we’ve experienced plenty of changes in the past 9 months…I’m giving thought on how to frame our school days.

More on this journey another time…

The week did not end with as much of a Sabbath rest as usual, there were just several things going on.  But, I did enjoy bits and pieces of pause throughout the week.

: :

If you would like to follow along throughout our week as it happens, then catch us on Instagram!

I hope your week was a good one.  Blessings…


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  • AliceMarch 12, 2015 - 9:41 am

    Wonderful pics and information. I look forward to reading your blog regularly. “Fox on Socks” silly socks day is a beautiful tribute to Dr. Seuss. Can’t wait to follow your blog the next time.

  • JessicaApril 7, 2015 - 3:49 pm

    Hey Daniele! Thanks for the shout out! Been loving looking more into your blog (Sorry I knew about it but forgot to really check it out!) Having fun looking at them!ReplyCancel

  • NicoleApril 22, 2015 - 7:11 pm

    Wow an hour away is a nice little trip. So awesome to have a pen pal that you have much in common with.ReplyCancel

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