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a few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things

Just a peek into what I’ve been enjoying over the last week or two.  Random info today I know!

But I often appreciate reading what others find helpful or useful for areas of life :: so maybe you’ll be introduced to something new:

For Bible study

I’m still reading through The Narrated Bible, but definitely need to pick up the pace if I’m to finish by November!

This NIV text organizes Scripture in chronological order and also adds extra commentaries (narrations) along the way.  I appreciate how it just weaves the whole story together and offers extra tidbits — love it!

New to us is the FREE app — Glo Bible.  Would you appreciate accessing maps, videos, virtual tours and a host of other multimedia based on the Scripture you’re reading?  All on your computer or iPhone or other device?  Enter Glo…

Here’s a quick video describing the app.  I recently won the premium version, and we are having so much fun with it!

For Homeschooling

Another great resource for us in the homeschooling arena is Notebooking Pages, a handy-dandy website chock-full of printables!

Every subject is covered from preschool on up — from history, to ABCs, science pages, presidents and first ladies, pages for state studies, Latin & Greek…and soooo much more.

My head is spinning a little from all of the options, but I appreciate the one-year membership with access to it all (on sale for a few more days!).

Oh, and if you’re new to the concept of notebooking in homeschool, check out my review on a resource to explain it all and get you started…


Books, Books

Eat Naked :: my 6yr old son cannot understand the title of this book!  I tried to ‘hide’ it from him, knowing the questions would eventually come, but he caught me reading one day.  So we had a conversation. 🙂

Eat Naked is your basic whole foods approach explained.  There wasn’t much I hadn’t read elsewhere, but the chapter on demystifying eating fish was super!

The Rhythm of Family :: I’ve read this one before, but checked it out again to be encouraged in living life intentionally and slowly through the seasons.  Plus, Amanda’s pictures are gorgeous…

Then there’s a host of decorating books around the house as we anticipate the end of our home addition!  I’m very visual and just need lots of input to choose what might work for us.  Books and Pinterest — super excellent helps.

I’m also doing a lot of dreaming about the kitchen — the NEW kitchen soon to be completed.  Pondering purchases like a bamboo drawer organizer, or a snazzy red folding step stool to reach higher cabinets.  So many options…

~ *~

Whatever you’re enjoying — listening to, reading, seeing or sharing in — I hope it makes your days shine a little brighter!



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