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a call for steady trust

a call for steady trust

Often the longer the journey, the less my TRUST.

In the beginning, I listen to God’s voice :: I hear and celebrate callings, direction — vision. Then the road bends and the Voice wanes and I start to wonder…

I lack TRUST in those days.

Did He really say this?  Will it come to pass?

I want to hope and believe, really I do.  But my steps often falter and my mind wanders.  I am guilty of this cycle numerous times I’m afraid.  Thankfully, there is grace for the journey.  Grace to remind me to place my faith in the unshakable.

So today, I am choosing to TRUST.  To hold steady, to stay faithful to the promises and vision He has spoken.  To displace doubt with hope, questions with simple praise because I know He leads me.

For really…is there any other way to live this life with Him?


{today seemed right to participate in Five-Minute Fridays over at Gypsy Mama.  Write for 5 minutes only on a topic she chooses; no editing, rewriting, or backtracking.  Yikes! – harder than I anticipated.  This writer wants to reshape words and phrases, but yes! I bolded along the way. 🙂 TRUST is the topic today…join in?}

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