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a bucket list of sorts :: 40 things

a bucket list of sorts :: 40 things

While part of me has been thinking I haven’t done much on my 40 while 40 list

I realized this weekend that yes – progress has been made!  Not really a bucket list for life, but simply a few things to accomplish in 2012, I’m excited to seriously jump back into crossing goals off.

When I first wrote out 40 things, we didn’t yet know a major house remodeling project was around the corner.  We’ve been dreaming, talking and preparing for years, but we weren’t sure all necessary details would fall in place.

I’m thrilled God had a plan – and now, everything is about 2-3 weeks away from completion (fingers crossed :))!

But, this affected some items on my list (such as a big family vacation to Maine), and I’ll be adjusting those this week to reflect accomplishments made in the process of restructuring our home.

Since I last updated, here’s progress in a couple of different areas:

Learning & Growing :: attended a homeschool conference.  Not the original one we had in mind, yet still a significant and important event for this year.  I grew more as a homeschooling Mom and our educational philosophy resonated more deeply in my heart!

Writing :: I wrote an ebook!!  Seriously didn’t think this would be the first  avenue to develop, so glad it came to pass.  My husband was incredibly encouraging (and vital) in the process.

I basically squirreled away for two days, then reappeared with a book ready-to-go!  Grateful and humbled by the 1000+ downloads and two speaking engagements that have resulted from taking this step of faith.  God. is. awesome.

For Fun :: My husband and I tried a Vietnamese restaurant out last week — their spring rolls not to be confused with the Chinese ones we enjoy as well.  He had soup, I tried a pork and rice dish.  Yum.

Spiritual & Service :: Late in 2011, I reevaluated how my abilities and gifts could best serve our congregation.  This involved conversations with my spouse and pastor (same guy!), our mentors and some friends.  I also redid a spiritual gifts inventory and test and found this quite helpful.

I shifted some responsibilities to others and embraced working more closely with my husband on behind-the-scenes projects.  A great idea and move.

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MANY more goals on the 40 things list are in the works – be sure you’re receiving updates to keep up!

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