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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: give generously, set smaller goals (week #50, #51)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: give generously, set smaller goals (week #50, #51)

Week #50  Give generously

With the Christmas season just recently behind us, many of us are aware of titles such as Scrooge or Grinch tossed around to describe the stingy and ‘reluctant to share’ ones.

Hopefully, this doesn’t describe any of us. 

But beyond the outward appearance of giving generously, our hearts should also be turned in gratitude and gladness. The ability to give of our resources is a privilege, an honor — a gift.  It should not be a drudgery, nor should it be forced.

We’re participating with God in a huge circle of Him generously sharing with us, and we with others…and on and on.

I’m convinced you and I each have something of ourselves, or of our resources, to share.  Sometimes, it’s something extra we own, or an ability or talent that can be used to bless.

Think with me….

  • what do you do well, and how can this bless others?  
  • what do you have an abundance of (time, resources, energy, space, friendships, etc)?
  • what can you sacrifice?
  • what can you offer?

So where is the peace in this, the ‘more serenity in life’ promise?

Friend, there is always peace found when we follow God’s commands.  His standards for us are life-giving, life-changing, and the only path towards true serenity.

Consider what you have – and give generously.

Week #51  Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals

I’m writing this encouragement primarily for myself!  Of course, it’s for you too. 🙂

I am notorious for doing this very thing – biting off more than I can realistically do in a given time frame.  And that’s usually the big deal…I simply need to allow for more time.

I think goal setting is helpful, a real way to track our progress.

Somehow, writing out a list of either daily or weekly goals (or to-do’s) really works for me.  I’m energized, pumped up, and ready to cross everything off that list!

But life doesn’t always work out this way, so I’m learning a few things:

  1. make my goals smaller & more specific – instead of putting read Happy Wives Club on my listI’m instead writing read one chapter.  Should I pass that goal, I can always set another baby step!
  2. consider the upcoming days – I write out weekly goals for several areas of life; I’m learning more and more to PAUSE and give thought to my days.  This informs what I will attempt to tackle.
  3. give myself grace – again, life isn’t predictable, and the goals to-do list doesn’t reign supreme!  If I can’t get it all done for one reason or another, tomorrow is a new day.

You too friend — don’t overwhelm yourself (and therefore usually your spouse and family) with too many goals, plans, to-do’s.

Step by step…


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