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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: nourish your body well (week #43)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: nourish your body well (week #43)

Last week I shared on not apologizing for who you are, or how you’re wired…

…and I found an opportunity or two to practice these last few days!  Funny how this works, right?

But if we plan to grow, to lean more fully into our callings (whatever they may be), integrity will be key.  Being honest about who we are and who we’re not provides a level of peace.

We’re more free to celebrate our own abilities and make-up, and in turn, those of others!

It’s a way to beat the comparison trap.

Week #43  Nourish your body well

In 2011, my word of the year was NOURISH.  I wrote a series of posts on the topic, and of my search to grow in health on multiple levels.

Without many words today, I want to encourage you to care for and to nourish your physical body.  Most likely, you carry significant responsibilities as a woman, a wife, a mother…and the list goes on.

Replenishing and refueling needs to find room in your days, it’s such important work.  When we feel well (as much as possible), we better respond to the people and tasks in front of us.

Careful attention to our physical needs results in undeniable peace in our body, spirit and mind.  Doesn’t this sound worthwhile?

A few offers of direction for you:

  • practice rest – schedule it, make it happen, STOP your work for moments a day, and more at least 1x a week
  • take time to recover – if you’ve experienced significant change, loss or illness, be sure to allow extra room for returning to normal
  • feed your body well – good nutrition boosts our ability to deal with stress, and is beneficial in many other ways!
  • destress in healthy ways – good for you and those around you
  • get enough sleep – we know it, so let’s do it

There’s more, such as adequate exercise, but the entire point is to give attention to the nourishment your body needs.  Seek assistance if necessary, and educate yourself on better practices to care for your particular physical needs.


Last week I gave you a sneak peek and TODAY, this library of helps is available to you!

The Healthy Living eBook Bundle is chock-full of educational resources on how to care for your body more naturally.

I am SUPER excited about this bundle as I want to grow more in our use of essential oils, to make some of our own natural skincare and herbal salves…etc, ETC! 🙂  This is perfect timing for me.

Head on over to where I’ve outlined all details for you!


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  • Laure CovertNovember 6, 2013 - 5:51 pm

    Very helpful! good reminder for me since I do many many things to nurture the spirit and (at times) bully my poor body 🙂ReplyCancel

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