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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: stop apologizing, celebrate your life (week #40, #41)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: stop apologizing, celebrate your life (week #40, #41)

Welcome again dear friends to our {close to the end} series on experiencing more peace and calm in our lives.

If you’re new, you’ll find the entire series at this link.

Might want to grab a cup of tea or coffee, and if there’s time, enjoy and be encouraged…

Week #40  Stop apologizing for being YOU

Oh, if you could have been with me the moment I read this.  {Go ahead, it’s not long…}

I read two lines and the tears came, and my heart burst, and I sat with emotions stored deep somewhere, now rising with force and floating to the surface.

If I had known 145 little words would shake me so, I would have passed.  So glad I didn’t.

Memories fast-tracked me down years of itchy awkward conversations.  Moments where inspiration was the goal, but intimidation was the outcome.  We shouldn’t overpower one another of course, reserving our thoughts and ideas can be altogether healthy and good.

But if you do this ‘to-be-me-might-make-you-feel-bad’ dance much of the time, and your community circles don’t include room to breathe, to be wholly and fully the you God created…

…well sister, it’s just not right.  Something has got to change.

You don’t need to be sorry for how you’re wired.  Don’t submit to the pressure to be like everyone else.  You’re different by design, for a purpose, and not as an afterthought.

It’s high time {and less stressful} to stop apologizing for who you are.

Week #41  Celebrate your life 

While obviously reflecting back is tender still, I’m grateful to experience a different reality in my day-to-day.

My circles of sister-friends are wider now, both in real life and virtually, who invite and make room for celebrating our gifts and accomplishments, our God-shining-through-us moments.  We cheer one another forward.

I think we must practice this art of celebrating our lives, of remembering the steps we’ve made, the paths we’ve taken.  Not in vain, conceited pride, but simply in pausing to give thanks for what just happened.

Maybe our mommy wars and insecurities would melt some if as Christian women, we gave each other permission to be happy.  To celebrate.

To practice more intentionally the art of ‘rejoicing with those who rejoice’, instead of withering away inside believing why is her life so much better than mine?

So maybe no one needs to throw a party for every little thing, but practice sharing your good news with others.

In this simple step, we allow others freedom to do the same.


Action Plan:  What holds you back from being more fully YOU?  Pray intentionally, asking God to help you see beyond the surface.  Involve another person into the journey, share your reflections.  This week, choose one way to celebrate who you are or something you’ve done!

More to Read:  the practice of {celebrations}


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