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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: squash comparison (week #25)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: squash comparison (week #25)


Week #24   Resist, Smash, Squash the Urge to Compare!

I’ve heard it’s the death of contentment — comparing ourselves.  I completely agree. We’re robbed of the opportunity to celebrate who we are or what we have due to wishing for another person’s life.

Or we’re led to pride; thinking, believing we’re better than her or that family or fill-in-the-blank.  Pride’s an ugly trap.

Sometimes, our comparison is based on little information.  We see something, overhear or observe something and our hearts lead us to speculate dozens of what ifs and maybes that could be totally off track!

Scripture doesn’t think too highly of unhealthy comparison:

“Oh, don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant! (2 Cor 10:12 NLT)

Comparison isn’t new, it’s at least as old as Cain & Abel, and it doesn’t lead us to healthy places mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  It can rob our peace, our hope, our joy.  Comparison usually has a bad ending…especially if we allow it to continue.

I’d like to encourage you in two ways today:

Don’t feed anything you don’t want to grow.

A simple principle of nature, but if you feed something and the conditions are ripe for growth – it will become larger, bigger, stronger.

SQUASH comparison when you’re tempted.  Choose instead to celebrate with another, bless them somehow with words or action, and take the rest of the emotions up with God.

He’ll work on your heart, but don’t feed comparison by stewing on the situation!

Count your blessings – literally.

I’m a huge believer we can usually find reason to be grateful, even in tough circumstances.  This doesn’t mean we ignore our reality or just pretend it doesn’t matter.

But, stopping to acknowledge the way we’re experiencing grace, or are being blessed is a big contributor to our attitude towards others.  I’ve seen this in my own life.

When I foster an attitude of gratefulness, and practice being thankful…the temptation for comparison fades.  The strength to resist is there in a whole new way.

Count your blessings – write them out or type them up.  Jot a little note each day of blessings you see in your everyday world.  I really believe it makes a difference.


I found this little poem which drives home the encouragement today:

The stick I made for measuring
I used most every day.
It helped me to compare myself
with others on my way.
I watched all those behind me,
or further down the road,
and I would readjust my pace
or lighten up my load.
The only real drawback
with how I ran my race
was watching everything around,
except my Savior’s face.

(Anne Peterson)


Action Plan:  Start today on a gratitude list!  Simply jotting down a few things you’re thankful for.  Try to do this as regularly as possible – it’s uplifting to go back and read these later on.

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