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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: simple pleasures (week #28)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: simple pleasures (week #28)

Last week I shared about practicing margin when organizing our time.

I’ve also thought how this principle applies to our commitments as well.  Give yourself room when thinking through all you’re attempting to do…

count the cost of these commitments and be sure there’s discretionary time left over.  You know, free time?

Just be sure you’re not overdoing it for your situation and circumstances.  Practice margin.

Week #28  Enjoy simple pleasures

I’ve decided recently to stop complaining about ‘the good ole days’.  Not that I was actually complaining with an attitude, but you know how it goes —

Lamenting how things used to be, wishing for the world and ways I grew up in…blah, blah, blah.

Here’s my new catchphrase:  These are the good ole days if I want them to be.

Yes, our world has changed radically from years ago.  There have been and continue to be so many advancements, it’s incredibly hard to keep track!  I’m grateful for many of these changes affecting the way we think, work, live and enjoy life.

In the arena of technology alone, we see multiple shifts in how and where we have access to information – both for business and for pleasure.

Instead of thinking back and wishing for simpler days, I can create simplicity now.

We have choices.  We can decide for ourselves, and for our families, just how much we’ll engage all of the options in front of us.  They’re not in the driver’s seat – we are.

The good ole days are what we choose them to be right now.

When I say simple pleasures, I mean choosing to spend discretionary time without a lot of fuss, at least not all of the time.

To simplify our fun, entertainment, leisure time, and to find pleasure in simple entertainment either alone or with those we love.  Date nights, birthday parties, solo time, family get-togethers, time with friends – all this can be enjoyed simply, and still fully.

You’ve heard about the child who doesn’t play with all of the birthday presents, but with the box they came in instead?   Maybe we should take a hint — often, less is more.

In our world of Facebook and Pinterest, blogs and websites, we now have eye-popping access into the lives and homes of others (or what they choose to show us).  Resist the temptation to compare – run from it.  Discontentment is breeding ground for a bunch of other bad attitudes.

Yes…sometimes, special days or special moments call for doing more than normal.  By all means, enjoy!

But know this as well – we offer our lives and ourselves much peace when we choose to slow down and simplify the celebration.

Enjoy simple pleasures…


Action Plan:  Think on this question:  how does this post strike you — is this the norm or a new way of thinking?  Choose one area in which you could choose to enjoy simple pleasures instead of doing more.  Practice it this week.

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