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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: scrap to-dos, get outside (week #21 and #22)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: scrap to-dos, get outside (week #21 and #22)

It’s JUNE.

Keeping up with this 52 ways series has me marking time in a whole new way…so each passing month, I’m often caught off guard we’re already at this place.  Yes, I sound like a broken record.  But I’m genuinely surprised! 🙂

Let’s review May’s posts:

week #18  define simplicity for yourself

week #19   learn to delegate

week #20  have balcony people

Since we took a break last week, today I have two encouragements for you!

Week #21  Shorten your to-do list…now.

Yes, take off a few tasks for this week, this month…today.  Why?  Because most likely, you have too much on the list to accomplish, especially since it’s Monday.

So taking time to ease up right now could offer you a bit more breathing room and a little less stress going into the week.

They say we feel more productive at the start of a week than at the end.  I agree.  Mondays I’m ready to change the world, clean the whole house from the weekend, finish what I didn’t start last week, and on…and on.

Not always smart.  It’s important to pace ourselves.

How to scrap some to-dos off your list?

  • take off anything too lofty to fit into the next 7 days
  • delegate a task or plan to delegate it
  • remove anything you plan to do because you’re being overly critical of yourself; the task might still need doing later on, but a healthy perspective is important…focus on this first
  • eliminate a task so you can better focus on people instead of things
  • spread out a to-do over several days, instead of trying to get it all done in ONE day
  • just let go.  release something you know really shouldn’t be a priority right now

We have lots to do, and there are many areas which will need your attention this week.  But check your list twice (mental or written), and offer yourself and your family a slower pace for tackling it all.

Week #22  Increase your time spent outdoors

I’ll be the first to admit how cold, wintery or blustery days are not my cup of tea.  In fact, I’d rather be indoors drinking a cup of hot tea.  We’re working on enjoying outdoors in all kinds of weather though (such as our ski trip this past December).

But now it’s warmer weather!

I encourage you to find ways to be outdoors more, to spend enough time in the sunshine.  Numerous studies have shown being outside is incredibly beneficial to our bodies and minds.

We’re less anxious, more relaxed, and healthy doses of sunlight offers us opportunity for receiving adequate Vitamin D intake.

Thankfully, we can enjoy outside and a pleasurable activity at the same time – find one which fits for you!  Whether it’s flower gardening, walking nature trails, sitting at the beach, or simply taking an everyday activity such as reading out of doors…

…intentionally enjoy God’s creation!


This week the action plans are within the titles!  Work at implementing these this week.  Nothing extra to read this time – take a break. 🙂



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