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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: rise above the past (week #24)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: rise above the past (week #24)

Back in March, I spoke online to a great group of women at the A Woman Inspired Conference.  The focus was on what our reaction and biblical stand should be if we feel like we’ve ‘ruined our life’.

I was so honored to share truth from God’s word.  Today I just want to borrow from a tiny section of that talk and share it with you.

Let’s begin with a picture of my son:

Week #24  Rise above your past

As a newly turned 3-yr old last fall, this boy of ours was quite into dressing himself…and redressing himself several times a day!  Being the 5th child, his Mama was simply content with allowing this to be the norm :); I knew it was only a phase.

He would ask for pictures to be taken, and was sooo proud!  We all happily cheered him on with lots of support.  This of course fueled new outfits and redressing all the more.

Clearly, he did not have it all together.  But, who’s going to hold this against him at 3 years old?

Fast forward into an imaginary future when our little guy is now 15+ years of age. Who knows, as a teen he may still decide this is appropriate!  I hope not, but the point I’d like to make today is down the road…

…I don’t plan to hold against him how he dressed at age 3.  

But why do we do this to ourselves?

Of course it sounds crazy to expect the way our son dressed as a preschooler to be the standard of how he will always dress himself.  I certainly wouldn’t inform him later:

‘Well buddy, I remember when you were 3…and you didn’t quite know how to match up outfits or put on shoes or…wait!  I have a picture to prove you couldn’t do it, and so I don’t think you can do it now.  Just give up.’

Why would we as parents take such an approach?

But friends, I could tell you countless stories of women trapped in this very stronghold.  One of rehashing, rehearsing, reliving mistakes and mess-ups from their past.  Holding it against their present and their future.

Women who live in constant defeat in an area, shrink back from trying again, doing again, believing again.  This is NOT God’s intention for us – it’s not.

I say this with compassion because I can relate to the pain; here’s the truth in it all:

You are not the sum of your past mistakes.

When redeemed in Christ, you are the sum of God’s power at work within you!  We are new creations who now find strength and a way to rise above our past.  It doesn’t go away — it’s always a part of our story.  But our past no longer needs to define us in negative ways.

There is a sweet, sweet peace which comes from living in this truth.  We are FREE from condemnation always choking the life out of us.

Oh, thank you Lord!


Action Plan:  Take time to pray – are you in any way living under the weight of your past or a past mistake?  God desires you live in freedom from constant guilt.  Ask Him to relieve your burden.  Don’t hesitate to share with another person if extra support is needed.  I’m praying for you! 

More to Read:  Meditate on Isaiah 43 – the chapter I used for my talk back in March.  Rich with excellent truths!


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