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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: have balcony people (week #20)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: have balcony people (week #20)

Welcome to a new week!  I was ready for a fresh start, how about you?

There’s lots of talk on some delegating and schedule rearranging happening in our home – all for the purpose of focus.

Right now I’m especially praying and thinking through how best to manage homeschooling, homemaking (including mothering & being a wife), increased writing & speaking, and pastoring alongside my husband.

If that list just scared you, simply close your eyes, breathe deeply, and the moment will pass.

This doesn’t work for me, but it should for you! 🙂

In reality, this juggle of priorities isn’t new, and this list is familiar.  However, we find ourselves in a new place.  Therefore, new strategies are needed.

In fact, later this week I’ll share one BIG change we’re making in homeschooling – stay tuned!

Week #20  Have balcony people in your life

balcony person:  affirmer, a cheerleader on your side.  one who is compassionate and devoted to you; who stretches your vision and supports your dreams; opposite of a basement person. (my own definition based on the book)

In light of everything written above, this week I wanted to intentionally pause to share how blogging has changed my life for the better.

Yes, I know this sounds like an overarching statement.  But it most definitely is a true statement, and I’m grateful to the God who placed it in my path.

I didn’t understand blogging before, but began anyway.  Years later, I stand in awe of how God has used this avenue of publishing online to bring some of the most incredible women into my life.

Oh, I have had and still have plenty of real-life connections who support, encourage, challenge and uplift me in many, many ways.  My circles of everyday community are wide, and I deeply appreciate this.

Through the years though, I felt a bit out of place.  While I had friends and excellent mentors, there weren’t any other women living the mix I was (the one I’m seeking to better manage).

There were times of feeling isolated.  There were tears and frustration, and I can’t say I handled it all with grace.

Why do I mention all of this?  Certainly not to wax on and on about those days, for they are in the past.

But to instead give praise for the new balcony people in my life!  Women I’ve met online and many times in real life, who totally get this crazy mix God’s asking of us, and who lend their support.

In the last 2 years of attending blogging and writing conferences, God has provided kindred spirits in a way that just didn’t exist before.  Balcony people.  Women of faith who write, mother little ones, homeschool, etc. in such a God-honoring way.

Who challenge me to step up or to step back, to live fully and wholeheartedly this path.

Oh yes, I am grateful.

I also write to encourage you as well.

It’s beneficial to surround yourself with a variety of women, AND it’s also incredibly empowering to engage community who live and breathe similar paths…

who understand your journey because they’ve been there, or are there.  Who don’t drag you down (basement people), who celebrate wildly with you in the triumphs, all the while understanding the sacrifices.  There’s just a peace that comes with knowing you’re not really alone.

I’m not sure what your specific need may be, but I am sure that if you desire, God can bring such women into your life.  This I truly believe.


Action Plan:  If this post makes any sense to you — pray, asking God for new balcony people connections.  Ask around, both locally and yes! even online to see where these women are.  Wait, though it may be difficult – He will provide.

More to Read:  Balcony People of course! – a little gem of encouragement (it’s an older book).  The Community You Need as a Woman (post from the archives).


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