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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: declutter, add beauty (week #33, #34)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: declutter, add beauty (week #33, #34)

Welcome again to the 52 ways series!

I’ve created a page which links to ALL posts by month.  Well…actually, I’m so grateful to Lisa, the super-handy virtual assistant responsible for making it look simple and beautiful.  Feel free to check it out!

Two weeks ago I encouraged you to establish simple morning & evening routines.  I’m still tweaking mine, so know it can take a little time.

It’s all a journey…. 

Week #33  Declutter Your Surroundings

I remember clearly the first and only time I’ve watched the show Hoarders.  My son was hospitalized for asthma struggles, and as he slept, I flipped through channels.

Having no idea this show even existed, I was shocked at the inside view of top-to-bottom packed homes, full to overflowing with not only a little clutter…but a LOT.  

Most likely, significant struggles lie behind each story, but the show definitely had me itching to head home and get rid of some stuff!

I can lean towards being fairly sentimental about ‘little things’ — cards I’ve received (because I adore words), letters, baby items from my children, wedding mementos, my toothbrush from senior year in high school…

I know…isn’t that gross?  I did finally throw this out a couple of years ago.  Ahem. Please don’t ask why I kept it – I have no idea!

My point is this:  it’s a great habit to declutter your surroundings often.

Release items which no longer work for your lifestyle, are taking up too much time to upkeep, or are simply just a space hog.  There is a peace in knowing what you have and why you choose to keep it.


Action Plan:  Last May, I got rid of at least 7 things every day — yep, each and every day for a month!  It was so freeing.  Try something similar this week?  Throw out or give away 1-5 items every day for a whole week.

More to Read:  Clear the Clutter:  5 Questions for the Organizer in You — what I ask myself when decluttering our home.

Week #34  Add Beauty to Your Home

This encouragement is so much more than a decorating tip, and I hope you’ll hear my heart.

Your home, my home, need not look like the next option for a magazine cover.  We don’t need to keep consistently sparkling clean homes with no smudges or messes. For most of us, this is completely impractical!

But, I DO think we can choose to add beauty somewhere….

Even in the middle of play-doh and crayons, Legos and little boys’ footballs, I choose to add touches of beauty.  Tangible items we need or find desirable which bring me great pleasure, such as our vintage suitcase end table.

Beauty is defined as whatever you love.  This may be completely different than another person’s tastes!  And, I’m not speaking of overhauling every room either, but to find small ways to add a touch of something you enjoy seeing, smelling, hearing, etc.

Why?  Because it’s your home, and you should love being there.

Yes, it’s most important to enjoy the people in your home.  It’s okay to, and even a need perhaps, to delight in your physical surroundings as well….


Action Plan:  If this sounds overwhelming, start small — a candle, a mug for drinking coffee/tea, listening to music you find beautiful, fresh flowers, a favorite pen. Consider this week how to add fresh beauty to one area of your home.

More to Read:  I didn’t have anything this week! 🙂


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