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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: declare it (week #8)

52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: declare it (week #8)

Maybe someway, somehow in your week, there was pause to consider the community circles around you?

We are created for healthy relationships of all kinds and I hope you’re blessed with great friendships.  I did take time this week to write a note of gratitude to a friend; even if you missed (or forgot) last week’s action step…take time soon to share a thank you.

So!  This week…

Week #8:  Write a manifesto.  Okay, before you cry out ‘I’m not a writer!’, know from the beginning this is not meant to be painful – not even eloquent, poetic or lofty.  You could do it in a few minutes or take more time.  But first, let me explain.

A manifesto is defined as a statement, often a public one, of aims, intentions or goals.  Occasionally used in political settings, it’s an announcement of a party’s platform or views.

None of us are running for office (well, maybe you are!), but we’re all about something in our lives.  Some direction, some goal.

Some purpose in which we invest our time and energy.  I encourage you to write a simple statement of just what you’re about in at least one area of your life.

A relationship, a business – mothering, marriage, work, or ministry.  Maybe there’s a new year’s resolution on your mind:  to gain a skill, to grow in an area…whatever it is, choose one.  Then take just a few minutes, write out what’s most important for you to remember about this area.

How does this help with peace and calm in life?  

Well, a manifesto provides focus.  

  • a manifesto states what you’re going to do
  • or maybe what you’re not
  • helps when we feel discouraged about why we do what we do
  • can provide a sense of fulfillment and joy!

Action Plan:  Using a few words or many, do just this — write a manifesto for one area of life, even if just for this current season (or month!).  A simple sentence(s) to describe what you’re doing and why.

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