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40 while 40 update :: idea journal, liquid hand soap, writing and more!

40 while 40 update :: idea journal, liquid hand soap, writing and more!

So, I wrote the BIG LIST and then haven’t said much since…

but I’ve been working through my 40 Things To Do While I’m 40 List.  Several readers have written in to comment, ask questions and to offer suggestions on this little quest of mine — thank you!  I welcome your thoughts or ideas.

The last two months were filled with holiday celebrating and extra family togetherness, which gave opportunity to attempt more of my ‘thinking’ items on the list, though a few ‘to-dos’ filled time as well.  Here’s what was accomplished:

  • start an idea journal :: I’m notorious for penning my latest & greatest idea on a slip of paper or in multiple journals and then promptly forgetting where I wrote it!  Specifically for the area of writing, I’ve started carrying around a little red notebook(these are my favorites!) tucked away in my purse for those moments of inspiration.  I often doodle in it as well. 🙂
  • Evaluate crafting materials and keep/sell them :: this was a tough one for me at first.  I’ve been a long-time scrapbooker and paper crafter, having accumulated 15 years worth of birthday, Christmas, etc. presents in this area.  But, it’s time to move onward as I’m narrowing my hobbies to photography, writing, reading and cooking.  I still have more to sell, but the ball got rolling!
  • welcome opportunities to write for others :: exciting and humbling all in one, but I’ve appreciated and accepted invitations to write for Passionate Homemaking, Sisters in Bloom and Bright Ideas Press websites.  *Hopefully*, an article submitted will be in the next edition of Home Educating Family magazine; I’ve heard my words made it to the editor’s desk!  We’ll see.

I’ve also tried my hand at a few practicals:

  • making liquid hand soap (pictured above) :: using Meyer’s basil scent soap, I tried this recipe out.  Um, it’s okay.  Reading through comments on the post, seems that several have had the problem of the soap being runny or slimy…ours is a little of both though still usuable.  I think less glycerin is the trick.  I’m willing to try it one more time.
  • reading through the Bible :: I’m so glad to be doing this!  The Narrated Bible was an excellent choice as I appreciate the running commentary and tidbits of info on biblical accounts I’ve known all my life.  Learning something new each day!  This is obviously an ongoing goal.
  • establishing a monthly giving allowance for the children ::  one of our goals for a while, and we’re really thrilled with the idea!  Each month, our children will have opportunity to give to a ministry or need within the amount we’ve decided on.  For January, they have chosen Katie’s ministry, Amazima (naturally).

So overall, progress has been made!  A few more are being worked on and I’ll report again.

May you find joy in all of your planning as well…



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