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3in30 updates – one quarter down!

3in30 updates – one quarter down!

I’m a little late (okay, a lot late) in posting and updating my 3in30 goals for April.  Can I just mention that I really appreciate the 3in30 challenge?  Pick three goals every thirty days and GO FOR IT!

Being a slightly Type A, gotta-have-a-list kind of gal, this method is great…yet simple.  I appreciate simple ways as well.  Being organized, having goals or vision doesn’t really need to get complicated.  And participating forces me to narrow down the numerous ideas floating in my mind and to prayerfully consider which to do (a challenge indeed at times).  So, the 3in30 idea is perfect for me.

Alright, let’s review March, the end of quarter one of 2011 —

  • declutter our first floor and deep clean :: DONE!  Well…except for vacuuming behind the fridge and stove, which I decided will have to happen another time.  That makes upstairs bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and first floor rooms complete – YES!  This summer I’ll work on the basement.
  • exercise — specifically I wanted to use the 10 visits pass I had to a local gym :: DONE!  I wanted to establish a routine of more serious exercise and March provided the boost I needed.  Swimming was my exercise of choice and in 10 visits I swam 184 laps during the month!
  • lastly, I chose as a final goal to spend time in prayer, asking for the Lord’s direction.  The word I’ve adopted personally for 2011 is NOURISH.  It was important to not only have great ideas, but God ideas on what this should look like :: DONE, but ongoing!  I have several notes from these times of prayer and even an ‘action plan’ of sorts ~ such as to schedule a personal retreat day this summer.

Moving on to APRIL!

I had many thoughts to try and accomplish, so once again…limiting myself to THREE is good!

  • this month, I’m evaluating where to shop for our foods and revamping this area.  I want to streamline time & focus spent on purchasing food, so more time can be spent on preparing (where it’s at for me!).  Making decisions on where to buy (in bulk or otherwise) and from which resources is the goal.  Amazon, natural food stores, farmer’s markets, food co-ops, local farms — time to make a more consistent plan!  By the end of April, I hope to have a list to use for monthly or bi-monthly purchases and another one for smaller weekly purchases.
  • also on the list & within the category of food is to plant our seeds for tomatoes, lettuces and a few herbs as a start.  My 8-yr old has the most interest in gardening this summer, so a few container plants are being attempted.  Inspired by Grow Great Grub (an excellent book!), we hope to plant and nurture to germination a few seeds!
  • lastly, I’m working on improving my photography skills, which are minimal.  This will be a goal that continues through May (and probably June as well).  I have a few written lessons and also lessons with a local photographer to go through in the next several months.  In April, I begin with the written lessons and applying what I learn.

Okay!  It’s very motivating and exciting writing these out monthly — for me, there’s a real sense of accountability, even if no one reads.  Thank you, 3in3o!



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