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3 Things to Remember as a Real Foodie

3 Things to Remember as a Real Foodie

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Thanks you again for joining me over these last two weeks!

Posting was more than normal, but you all have hung in there.  There are several new ‘faces’ (subscribers) along for the journey.  Welcome to you.

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To end this series, I just want to remind us all of three important attitudes to keep in mind:

Honor Your Family

If shopping for more wholesome foods is new to your kitchen, don’t overwhelm yourself or your family with sudden changes!  This will backfire, and no one will want to stay on board.

Unless there’s a family pledge to go radical, then take it in little steps!  Start with removing and detoxing some foods from your shelves, while adding in healthier options.

Get the whole family involved!  Have children cook, ask your spouse to comment on recipe options – be creative in making sure everyone’s food desires are at least heard.

Honor Your Budget

Building a well-stocked kitchen takes time and ongoing effort, nothing will happen right away.  While I think real food isn’t that expensive per se, higher quality items are an adjustment for the budget.

Budget for your food priorities wisely, and try not to grow discouraged at what you can’t do!  Make changes where possible, and again, all in simple steps forward.

Anything can become too important, regardless of how wonderful it is…so guard against idolizing what you eat.  A healthy attitude is part of the picture!

Honor Your Body

I am more energized when I  relax on eating breads & pastas, and when drinking green smoothies often.  I’ve also learned my body feels more nourished with some animal protein included in my diet.  Kombucha works wonders for me.

But, this may not have the same effect on you!

Our bodies are so complex, and while there are general applications which hold true for food, each nutrient or food can have varying results on us all.

Pay attention to how your body feels and reacts when introducing new foods (try keeping a food journal)!  Honor your body by eating the foods which make you feel nourished and healthy.


And…that’s it folks! 🙂  You’ll find a list of all posts HERE, and be sure to enter the giveaway


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