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2012 pursue :: a marriage manifesto

2012 pursue :: a marriage manifesto

We chose to marry on the same date we met — three years after our initial introduction.

It fell on a Saturday, in the middle of winter, in the northern part of our country.  All these years later, I still wonder what we would have done if it had snowed.  The potential existed for sure :: and that year turned out to be record high for wintry weather, major storms blanketing our wedding day on weekends before and after.

But it didn’t snow that day.

All guests and wedding party friends made the trek from several states and even countries to celebrate :: to witness the union of one man and one woman for life.

And now….

Now, those guests may have forgotten words spoken on a warmer-than-normal winter day {temperatures rose to above 50 degrees!}, but I remember the day still.  I remember promises made and commitments sealed before God and man.

And in 2012, I choose to PURSUE them all the more.

to support him in all of his gifts and abilities

to celebrate the Spirit’s work in this man of mine

and to follow him wherever God-opportunities lead.

to laugh with him, cry with him, pray for him and encourage him

to dream big : imagine : seek more :: together

to make this life with one another a top priority

2012 brings a greater commitment to love him

to be his friend, to sacrifice for his sake

and to forgive him when he fails.

to make sure he knows there is always, always GRACE.


I’m far from a perfect wife :: I often fail miserably, neglecting and forgetting my words of promise.  But I am committed to him, and God is committed to us.

With this, I move onward!



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