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10 of our Favorite Gardening Books for Preschoolers

10 of our Favorite Gardening Books for Preschoolers

This past winter (so glad that’s behind us!), I posted a list of 10 of our favorite preschool winter books.

A reader emailed in asking if I would consider other posts like this one, and today I’m happy to share more of our favorites, this time around gardening!

Now, you must know I am not a gardener.

I just dream of growing things, and do much better with cooking them.  But, my children should know just where food comes from and I don’t want their knowledge to stop at ‘we buy it at the store’ (or even the farmer’s market).

So, we talk about seeds and veggies, fruits and plants and just how each come to be on our plate.

Hope you enjoy our favorites for younger ones!

10 Gardening Books for Preschoolers

1.  Jody’s Beans – sweet, sweet story of a girl and her grandfather planting, caring for and harvesting runner beans.

2.  A Seed is Sleepy – one of MY absolute favorites!  The illustrations are exquisite; great way to introduce facts about plants and seeds.

3.  Up Down and Around – a preschooler’s delight, and truly a favorite!  Rhyming text shares how some veggies grown up, some down underground and some go around and around.  The ending brings it all those veggies together into a delicious meal.

4.  One Bean – perfect read-along for growing a bean plant in a cup!

5.  How a Seed Grows – just right for sharing basic information with little ones about how the seeds we see turn into the plants and trees around us.

6.  Jack’s Garden –  I like how this one leads the reader all the way through to a blooming garden.

7.  Eating the Alphabet – absolutely perfect read for helping preschoolers to try various foods.  I like to use this one when we focus on various letters.

8.  Tops and Bottoms – another one of Mom’s special favorites, this book is a really fun read!  You could also talk about character traits of hard work and not being lazy.  We love, love this book.

9.  The Vegetables We Eat – this one is more in-depth, and I don’t always read every detail.  But, the illustrations are really nice and if you’re not up to date on types of vegetables (ahem…this was me), it’s extra helpful!

10.  The Carrot Seed – a classic, short read and a definite favorite.  Use it to demonstrate what it means to ‘have faith’!

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PINTEREST suggestion:  Check out my Literature, Living Books board for more titles!

What spring or gardening books are YOU or your children enjoying?

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  • BrittanyApril 29, 2014 - 1:48 pm

    You named many of our favorites. 🙂 We just got a neat book at the library today called “What’s in the Garden?” by Marianne Berkes. It has a riddle for each vegetable and the the next page gives a simple recipe that uses it. The pictures are very pretty and realistic and feature kids cooking or caring for plants.ReplyCancel

  • Daniele @ Domestic SerenityApril 29, 2014 - 4:02 pm

    Thanks so much for that recommendation!ReplyCancel

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